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These rings & pendants are referred to as Haunted because they are vessels for deities that were added to them 60 to 140 years ago by our coven sisters of the north. Each offering is a “home” for the deity and bound by their names, we have performed a ritual which will NOT allow anyone here on our website to steal or harness the powers of these deities.
To find the offering that is right for you we ask that you do the following; Between the hours 11:30 p.m and 3:45 a.m (1) recite the deity’s name three times while viewing one’s own reflection in a mirror. (2) Before sleeping recite the deity name 3 times again and this time visualize the vessel pendant/ring. You will know if this offering is right for you, as the deity will speak to you in your dream and or in the physical world. You will hear a tone or pitch in your ears, a whispered voice or even while sleeping you will feel yourself falling. These are indications the deity is indeed watching and or considering you to become its keeper. ALSO see our ancient deity offerings (click here) on our main witchtalismans sisters of the north website

Female Shaitan genie haunted ring

real Djinn haunted ring

Kuwait female genie
Name of deity:HUSNA
Classification:Female Shaitan genie haunted ring
Temperament:Highly benevolent would not harm humans
Powers:Wish granting, she is highly attracted to mankind and have been known to visit the keeper in the dream realm for sexual encounter.

Dark green agate stone Genie ring
SIZE: 5 3/4 U.S (11.24 Europe)



Name of deity:Huzaifa
Origin:Kuwaiti / Saudi Arabia
Classification:Male Marid genie haunted pendant
Temperament:Medium have been known to destroy other Genies
Powers:Endow keeper with metaphysical powers, unlock fortunes and reveals past lives. Visions become reality when the keeper commands that which is desired and staring into the stone seeing it happening.

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Honey brown lace agate stone genie pendant
SIZE: measures about 2 inches
Male Marid genie haunted ring

Iraq ring

male Djinn
Name of deity:Rashed
Classification:Male Marid genie haunted ring
Temperament:Aggressive but can be trusted after building trust with him (usually a few days) be honest with him and he will do anything for you the keeper.
Powers:He is an ancient being that have granted many wishes of prosperity, money and power to the keepers’.

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All metal with one quartz stone genie ring
SIZE: 9 1/2 U.S (20.98 Europe)
male Ifrit genie haunted ring

Djinn ring haunted

Genie haunted ring
Name of deity:Salim
Origin:Saudi Arabia
Classification:male Ifrit genie haunted ring
Temperament:Benevolent good nature can be a bit “nosy” always watching over the keeper
Powers:Wish granting, brings protection visions of the past present & future to help the keeper

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Green round stone genie ring
SIZE: 10 U.S (22.33 Europe)
female Ghul genie haunted ring

Djinn ring

haunted genie ring
Name of deity:Asra
Origin:Middle East
Classification:female Ghul genie haunted ring
Temperament:Mild she can become angry and absorbs temper of keeper so caution is advised
Powers:Wish granting, her only desire is to help the keeper to gain that which is wanted

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Two red stones genie ring
SIZE: 8 1/4 U.S (17.77 Europe)